A Free Learning Community-Server for Practice Talking and Chatting. Learn, Practice and Exchange Languages via Interactive Lessons and Live Events, Voice Chat and Video Call Activities with Native Speakers!
Everyday Languages is a Discord Language Server to learn, help and share experiences. Practice your language having fun and chatting with natives. Talk, Chat & Hangout with communities, cultures and friends! Our community targets language learning and bringing different cultures together.
The languages which you can practice are: Spanish, English, French, Russian, German, Turkish, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Romanian, Esperanto, Latin, Portuguese and More!

A really active and diverse language learning server

If you want to communicate with people on your target language it's a nice place to go. Here you can find a lot of active people, responsible administration and overall a good and convenient layout of the server.

Great Server

Everyday Languages is a great non toxic place that has great helping staff, it's active in most channels and has several voice channels where you can chat to help learn a language.

"Everyday Languages" is a good language learning server!

This is a nice cozy server where you can get real help in learning the language you need. Many different people from different parts of the world. A variety of cultures and traditions in one place. There are adequate administrators and moderators.

Our community targets language learning and bringing different cultures together.
Everyday Languages (discord.com)

One of the best for learning languages

This server is one of the most friendliest of them all! I would've had never belived that you could make learning languages so fun! There is also a lot of choices in the languages offered! Belive me or not, this is a server to never miss.

Everyday languages

Es un espacio en el que nos brindan la oportunidad de practicar idiomas nuevos, no solo con otras personas de otras partes del mundo que también lo están aprendiendo, si no especialmente con nativos hablantes de dicho lenguaje. La comunidad se presenta amigable y amable a la hora de corregir tus errores y explicarte algo que no entiendas, no solo en canales de texto, también en canales de voz donde la gente puede mejorar sus habilidades de escucha y habla. Pienso que he llegado al lugar indicado para aprovechar gran medio que puede llegar a ser Discord en el aprendizaje de un idioma nuevo, donde la gente puede hacer actividades, juegos o tener largas charlas entre ellos, pues nos brindan el espacio y nosotros debemos poner la actitud y el ambiente didáctico.

Good Server to meet nice people

It's a very friendly environment to practice your target language, you should join and see by your own eyes.

Beautiful community and staff

Discord very active and to find partners with whom to talk and learn! I advise you to take a ride!