Why Should You Consider an Appeal System?

  1. For most types of warnings this can be as simple as messaging a moderator or sending a message in an appeal channel, if one exists. However, because a ban removes the user from the server and prevents them from returning, dealing with those ban appeals requires extra consideration from the mod team.

  2. For example: A user is banned for six months due to spamming racial slurs but feels that they have learned their lesson and should be allowed to return after three months. How should they go about reaching out to the moderator team to communicate their intentions and make their case? How should the mod team intake this information and send a response?

  3. We all make mistakes in life and your members or moderators are no exception to that rule. Whether it is a user realizing what they did wrong or a moderator making a mistake, an appeal system will provide a clearly documented method for the user to get a review of their case by the server’s moderation team. Without an established system, users may try to direct message a moderator to appeal which may not lead to a fair evaluation, or will try to evade the ban altogether with an alternative account.

[Discord Moderator Academy - 9/23/2021]